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Alongside our in-house expertise we also offer a number of value-added services. These are all services that we at Browns IT have lots of experience in implementing and supporting, by using us for all your technology requirements we can ensure that they integrate seamlessly and it means you only have one number to call if you experience any problems.


From Domains to Servers to Microsoft Office and everything in between, we work with leading suppliers to ensure that you have the best deal to keep you up to date with your licencing needs. We can carry out a full audit to check what you are running within your organisation, enabling you to re-use redundant licences and make sure you are fully compliant.

Disaster recovery

We can custom design a solution to work hand in hand with your Business continuity strategy, ensuring that you never lose the important information you need to keep your business going and enabling users to carry on working in even the most extreme circumstances.

Case study

COT wanted to ensure that they could maintain business continuity for their clients throughout the year regardless of the threat of outside forces. In addition to their onsite servers, they also have offsite servers which allows them to access their files and emails from anywhere in the world.


We can tailor make systems made for your needs to safely and securely back up all of your important information, so if the worst should happen you can access all the information you need to get you back on your feet.